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2nd August 2011


If I Could Predict the Future

Assuming that it is possible to know the future (which I am not sure is entirely possible), I do not think I would want to know what the future holds with one caveat. If I were to know the future, I would also want the ability to change it for the better, which would preclude that I would be able to see all possible futures.

Case in point, a lot of people would show no hesitation in saving the life of a child who would have dies in a future car accident that he are shown. But, what if in saving the child and altering the future, you manage to save the life of someone who would grow up to become a serial killer, or someone who will lead the world into destruction? if I were to be able to change the future in saving the child, I would want to know that in doing so, I was saving the life of the future doctor who cures cancer, and not some horrid man bent only on destruction.

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